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Finally, someone has developed the perfect mug.  Thank you! Joyce-Rapid City, SD

Over the past few years, our parents, grandparents and other loved ones have faced increasing struggles in performing formerly routine tasks.   As their struggles and frustration grew, we came to realize that many of the products they had used for most of their lives were no longer appropriate to their current needs.  

So we started looking for things that could help our loved ones maintain a degree of independence and dignity in their daily lives – a cup with two handles for my mother who can no longer hold a glass in one hand – a poncho for my father in law who struggles putting on a sweater when he gets cold – a tote to attach to my friend’s walker because she does not have a free hand for a purse when she goes out.  We believed that small changes like these could make a huge difference in their lives.   We developed our own line of products to help the people we love stay active, independent, comfortable and fashionable. We welcome your comments and suggestions and  would like to hear your ideas on how we can improve our existing line of products, as well as your ideas for additional products you would like to see us offer.

Please check back to see how our product line grows. 

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