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Napkin Clips
Napkin Clips

Napkin Clips

Just the thing to protect your clothing.  If you or your loved one does not want to use a bib to protect your clothing then one of our Napkin Clips is just what you need. 

Two easy to use clips turn any napkin into a clothing protector.  Our Napkin Clips are all 18" long, feature oversized clips, are small enough to go anywhere, and can turn almost any napkin into a clothing protector.

Check out this youtube video to see how many ways the Napkin Clip can be used.

The Napkin Clip

 Our original Napkin Clip with a silver toned chain.

Adjustable Napkin Clip

The Adjustable Napkin Clip is ideal for easy clothing protection.

Jewel Napkin Clip

Pink, orange, and purple beads add a little "bling" to take clothing protection to a new level.

Faux Suede Brown Braid Napkin Clip

The Faux Suede Brown Braid Napkin Clip is masculine, comfortable, and easy to use.

Pink and White Braid

Feminine and cheerful are just two words to describe our new Pink and White Braid Napkin Clip

Pearl Napkin Clip

Add a little "bling" and clothing protection to the wardrobe of the lady in your life.

Adjustable Cross Napkin Clip

Our Adjustable Cross Napkin Clip comes with a blue nylon cord and easy locking slide to adjust the length of the clip.