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Adaptive Clothing

Over the past few years, our parents, grandparents and other loved ones have faced increasing struggles in performing formerly routine tasks. As their struggles and frustration grew, we came to realize that many of the products they had used for most of their lives were no longer appropriate to their current needs. We have created a line of adaptive clothing designed to help the people we love stay active, independent, comfortable and fashionable.

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Napkin Clips

Just the thing to protect your clothing.  If you or your loved one does not want to use a bib to protect your clothing then one of our Napkin Clips is just what you need. 

Two easy to use clips turn any napkin into a clothing protector.  Our Napkin Clips are all 18" long, feature oversized clips, are small enough to go anywhere, and can turn almost any napkin into a clothing protector.

Check out this youtube video to see how many ways the Napkin Clip can be used.

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Dignity Mugs

The 8 ounce "Dignity Mug" is a unique ceramic mug with two extra-large handles intended for those who no longer have the strength or dexterity to hold a mug with one hand.  The "Dignity Mug" is dishwasher and microwave safe.  It is available in standard white or hand painted by Lakeland, Florida artist Helen Cork 

We are now offering a larger (and heavier) handcrafted Dignity Mug that is Made in the USA at Chilmark Pottery in West Tisbury, MA.

Our 12 ounce cream Dignity Mug is earthenware and Made in England with playful spots around the mug lip. 

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Wheelchair Blankets

Our specially designed wheelchair blankets are designed to help the people we love stay active, independent, comfortable and fashionable.

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Walker / Wheelchair Bags and Accessories

Our line of walker and wheelchair accessories are designed to help the people we love stay active, independent, comfortable and fashionable - from walker and wheelchair bags to specially designed wheelchair blankets.

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Not Quite Perfect

Granny Jo Products that are Not Quite Perfect.  Perhaps the pattern is not quite straight, perhaps a spot on the Napkin Clip, or some other minor flaw but a good buy.

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Scooter Mittens

Water Resistant, Fleece Lined Scooter Mittens to keep your hands warm and dry when heading out on your mobility scooter.

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Oxygen Tank Covers

Tired of looking at that oxygen tank in the is our fashionable solution - our Oxygen Tank Cover for an "E" cylinder, C or M6 canister. 

Custom orders too...for everything from special event covers to large "H" tanks.

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Decorate your cane for the seasons, for your outfit of the day, or just to have FUN!

Ca'Bling is easy to use, decorative, and interchangeable.

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Blanket Combo Sets

Introducing Blanket Combo Sets.  

Now you have a chance to combine several of our best selling items and save money.  

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Dignity Dining Set